Aosheng Ran is a San Francisco-based interaction designer who uses system thinking and storytelling to empower individuals and communities. 

Originally from China, Aosheng has worked in multiple non-profit organizations where he used design to encourage public conversations and civic engagement. As an interaction designer, Aosheng is committed to large-scale challenges in the present world. He specializes in creating conceptual frameworks to locate opportunities in people’s experience and to facilitate behavior change. With strategic thinking, information visualization, and human-centered design, he is passionate about solving the world’s most persistent problems and creating long-term social and cultural impact. 

Aosheng currently works at DocuSign as a product design intern. He has previously worked at Intuit, and he helped reshape the future of customer support community for TurboTax and QuickBooks. He is enrolled in the Interaction Design BFA program at California College of the Arts, where he works in the International Student Affairs & Programs Office helping to elevate international students’ education experience. 

Architectural Intelligence by Molly Wright Steenson
Weapons of Math Destruction by Cathy O'Neil
New Dark Age by James Bridle

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